Lamb’s Tales

This one is a bit of an emotive one for me, so this post might be a little different from my usual ones. This year one of my close friends lost his partner after a long fight with illness. He has spent the last few months writing a book about her filled with wonderful memories he and some of her close friends have of her, as well as talking more about her illness to help raise awareness of it.

I was obviously happy to help however I could, so when he asked me if I would be able to help him capture a suitable cover photo for the the front of the book, I felt honoured. We chatted about how to tell Lamb’s story and came up with a few ideas, all of which were great! I spent a few hours around his place later that week and we set up and captured several beautiful photographs. The shot he decided on for the cover is one of Lamb’s old scarf, jacket, bags and shoes hanging up, it encapsulates everyones memories of her and is a fitting image for the cover of the book. We also decided to take one of the pegs empty, which he has decided to have on the rear cover of the book, an image that tells of the space left in all our hearts now she is gone.

I am really pleased I could help such a close friend capture something so personal and emotional. Much love to James and Heidi, I hope these images help to provide you with loving memories for years to come.

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